Saturday, March 10, 2007
This is the Place...

I can't believe this is the place that started it all! If your going to go to all the trouble of inducing a city wide riot, do it for a building that's worth something.

I'm sure most of you heard about these riots in Copenhagen on the news, it was a big deal here. Fortunately we live in an upscale area of the city so we werent near this at all, but being a relatively small city here, we could have drove to the center of the action in a few minutes. We could hear police cars all over the place, that was about it. Mostly Andria and I just watched the news as these kids made complete idiots of themselves on national television. For background, they had been evicted (legally) from this building, Ungdomshuset (The Youth Center), which had been a center of a lot of left wing and political actions from these youth groups.

Watch this video clip I found on You-Tube, it is great...I even like the background music, puts it into real perspective.


I think that sums it up. Just know this kind of behavior is out of place for copenhagen...there is almost no crime here. We love this city, especially now that the weather is getting warmer and its looking like its going to be an awesome summer. So yea very out of place.

Made a few updates to the xbox section of my blog, so all you six bobs can see your info now, courtesy of You dont have to sign in with your passport account either, so you can easily see who is on line or not, what games we are playing, etc. Hopefully this will help us decide what games we all want to get/play much easier. I know we have all been busy lately and havent been playing much but we have the new halo maps coming out this month, etc. SO I will be sending out an email date soon.

By the way, leave me a comment or shoot me an email if you have a webcam set up at home. I have one but have not set it up because havent used it yet. Been using the camera for the xbox though and thats great for talking to you that have it, but for all family to stay in touch it would be cool every once in a while to have face to face conversation instead of just phone...might as well use technology to the fullest. So just let me know, I have heard you just set up your camera to work with instant messenger, but I have no idea what the quality would be.

Well gotta go for now, but will write more later. Hope you enjoy the post.

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