Saturday, July 29, 2006
The Time Has Come...

The time has come for us to say goodbye to mother russia and pack our bags for Denmark. I am glad we are moving at a good time of year this time, instead of the onset of winter. If you need to get a hold of us you can still email us. I will send out an email when we get to Copenhagen with new contact info.

Theres a huge party going on outside right now, for another person who is leaving...maybe I should go celebrate as well?

We will be back home in November so looking forward to seeing you all...

Sorry this is so short but even though we dont have to pack out we have to get ready to pack out, which takes a lot of organizing. Especially when you only get 20 kg allowed of onflight luggage, you really have to think about what you want in your air shipment and set it aside.

I know I am way ahead of myself, but things are progressing for us having an office in Fiji...It will probably take a few more years, but I should have a real shot at finishing up this program there. After that I will probably make career changes and move on to other interests.

As far as missing this place...I will miss friends and church associations, but I wont miss the crappy traffic, crappy weather, crappy attitudes and crappy prices. Did I miss anything? Moscow was recently voted the most expensive city in the world. Not that Copenhagen will be any cheaper...all of you keep that in mind that are already planning on coming to visit.

I am looking forward to seeing a different European culture and getting to know and help these people.

Hope all of you are enjoying the blog...I made the picture files too big, I apologize for those of you having trouble downloading them, I was in a hurry. Next time they will be smaller and easier. I have also downscaled it alot since I dont have a lot of time anymore (who does?).

Speaking of time I am being yelled at from downstairs to go outside and get some barbeque...thats a good enough reason for me to end this here. Take care and be safe!

Anonymous Bryan said...
I sa ratu... Iko raca, au lomani iko na. Good Luck with the move!

Anonymous rpwscott said...
"Suppose that they did't go anywhere? Well, then this is your big chance to get away from it all".

Remember, the best view is seeing "Moscow" in your rear view mirror!

Enjoy your move and new adventure.

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