Sunday, January 01, 2006
Happy Holidays From Russia!
Happy New Year everyone!!!

Well I had a little too much spare time, so I put this blog together. Its a work in progress and I have had to put much of it together from scratch, trying to remember HTML and Javascript coding from my web design class almost 5 years ago...The main thing I am working on now is the photo alblum, I want it set up so that when you click on any thumbnail it links to the main source image file, so you can see the photo in the actual original size. I know how to do it, just need to get the camera software installed and get to work. I am also going to work on more links and putting some sound and video clips in. Let me know if you have any suggestions...the internet is pretty much our link to the outside world, so I will update this often and set it up so that every update sends an email to you to let you know there is a new message on the site.

New Years was pretty cool here, although I was dissappointed that no bottle rockets hit my house this year. That one that hit just outside my window last time really livened it up. But they spare no expense with the fireworks here, and it was quite a show...lasted from about 12 to almost 2 am, two hours solid bombardment, I kid you not. And these were the cannon fireworks, big ones.

Well hopefully today since the sun is out, I can brave the frozen tundra and get a picture of the lake to post in this message. If you dont see a picture, then I have froze to death.

As for Denmark, just starting on getting should take care of most of it, all I have to do is sign here, sign there, etc. Its pretty expensive hotel wise to stay there, but we would like to take a small trip out there when it gets warmer to check out the job and, most important, the housing.

Hopefully we will be back in SLC for Christmas this year, if it goes the way I plan. I will keep you posted.

Well the Branch is going well here, Andria is busy with Primary and being Sunday School President is not too difficult but keeps me going. Being in a small Branch again reminds me of how much I liked the small branches I served in Fiji...although they were much smaller there. In Denmark they have wards so it will be different but a good change.

Well Andria and I dish out our best wishes to you for this new year!

Peace on Earth, and goodwill to Lobsterboy...I mean everyone...oh well