Saturday, June 03, 2006
LB goes to the, not really

This is as close as Lobsterboy will ever get to the moon. However it was satisfying enough to be back in the USA. This was the third time for me going through the Smithsonians in DC, so Andria and I didnt spend much time there. In fact the highlight was spending 4 bucks for a big mac at the Air and Space Museum. Guess we better get used to that as it will probably cost about 5 in Copenhagen!

We had fun in DC and shopped around the malls etc. We were there for a few weeks, then after our training we headed down to DisneyWorld in Orlando. In a nutshell, I think we decided afterward that Disneyland was better, as far as the Magic Kingdom goes, but what was definitely worth going there for was the Epcot Center (Bryan and MK, you were right!) You get to walk around this huge lake, and they have miniature towns representing different countries along the way. The best ride...mission - space. It was like actually being in a space shuttle and taking off vertically. It also had the most warning signs I have ever seen for a ride before you went in too...I wouldnt go if your a clostrophobe, the control panel wall actually comes forward against you, along with your controls, and monitor. And there is a point where all your power goes out and its pitch dark...I wont spoil it for you, spend a few thousand bucks and fly down there and go through it yourself.

Jet lag...I am never going from moscow to atlanta again.

Were back in wonderful Russia now and into summer, and the long days that go with it are pretty cool in my opinion...its staying light right now till about 11pm, it will probably get to around before 12 at peak of summer. Then it gets light around 5:30am.

Going to add photos of the trip to the picture alblum soon so look for that. Learning how to use Photoshop CS now instead of stupid paint, so it should be a lot easier to do.

Going to Rome soon and we will be sure to take pictures there. Ill make sure to get all of you a nice 'pope on a rope' or something. A lot of people here have been there so Andria has gotten a pretty good idea of how to get around already. Someone told me today that you can actually get these little tourist go carts to drive around in...that could be the highlight of the trip right there, besides the pope on a rope. Kent/Terra - let me know asap if theres something you want me to bring back for you.

We will be seeing all of you guys soon...November looks like. I will get you an email out when we know for sure.

Other than that just getting things in order to get out of here. We will probalby be making a trip out to Ismailova soon, the market, so if you want something specific be sure to email to me...Dad I will look for your CCCP hat there.

Thanks for the comments on the blog too! Well keep in touch...
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