Friday, February 09, 2007
Return of the Lobbs...and Andria of course

This is the part where Jerom decides he's had enough...he needs some stress release. So its time to blow up some aliens! Nice job Jerom, glad to see another one has discovered the theraputic benefits of gaming...for his efforts, I am going to make him an honorary member of the SIX BOBS clan. Congrats!

Well, the return of the Lobbs (Lobsterboy) was well recieved, and wanted to let all of you know how much fun we had spending time with you in November. Sorry it has taken so long to get this update in...most of you know about my "crappy" experience that put me in the hospital when we got back in December, so I will just leave it at that. I have downsized my blog to make it easier for me to be able to post more often by deleting my photoblog. But you can still view all our pictures, I just moved the posts to this blog instead. From now on I will just put photos in my posts directly.

Speaking of which here are some of all of you, or at least the ones that turned out. I especially like the one of dad (nice). I take no responsibility at the content.

I cant believe I missed my chance to have a photo-op with Steven Seagal...thats right, fatty himself. Apparently he came by work as a courtesy visit while in copenhagen, but he was really there to perform at Tivoli with his Blues band...yea thats right, blues band. All I heard was he was ok at playing the quitar, etc, but his singing really crapped out.

Glad I missed that concert.

Well the weather is getting a little colder but its been a mild winter here. Andria has put in for a few more jobs, and the job that work was basically creating with her in mind has been approved, just waiting on the stupid budget to be passed before they can officially do it. Church is awesome...we had all 11 missionaries in the ward over for dinner the other night, they were all in shock...I dont think they get fed much over here, understandable when a soda pop can cost you 5 bucks. Went to an elder's activity the other night too, they were all playing xbox...pretty interesting to watch the bishop play project gotham racing and beat everybody. So I really enjoyed it when they switched to playing Halo and I was able to anhiallate them. This is why I go to church, to be humble and play xbox...

No seriously we are making a nitche here and loving it, but we miss all of you and the comforts of family and home everyday. Please leave me comments on these posts so I know your reading them, plus just like hearing from you even if its a one liner!

I'm tired...Lobster's are not known to be writers. I need to get Andria to start writing some of these posts, in fact I think I will have her write the next one. Bon Voyage everyone, hope your well and stay safe!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey you guys! Hello from rainy Washington. We've had a wild winter up here. Thanks for the new's great to know things are working out well for you over there. Thanks for the pics too--they're too funny. We miss you guys and look forward to seeing everybody when Kelly ties the knot!
Love, Julia

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Nice -

Take the 2 pictures off - or else!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thanks for the pic's removal! Let me know when you need to get the plane for Kelly's foo-foo wedding! I would not like to see you on the plane with "no tickee" - what movie LB Boy?!!!!!