Sunday, September 23, 2007
Sorry its been a while

I havent updated this blog since March, sorry guys. Got busy with 50 million things at once as usuall. Just got back from Tallin, Estonia, above is the statue that got moved a few yards by the Estonians and sent the Russians on another tissy fit. It is pretty cool up close though. Estonia is pretty small city but fairly advanced...the whole city is connected by free wifi, if you can beleive that. There is an old town with taverns and such, I didnt get to see as much as andria as I was working, but even so it was a good break.

Andria has been putting our pictures on Snapfish so you guys can view them. I have created a group room so you can look at all of our photos in one place. Click on this link:

and then just sign into snapfish. If you dont already have a snapfish account, there is a link on that page that you click to create one, its simple. When you have signed in you should see a ling on your page that says group rooms. If I have added all of your email addresses correctly, you should be able to click on that and find the LobsterPhotos. Let me know if you cant find it I may not have your email address correct.
Once you do that you will always be able to see our photos from now on. This is going to be easy from now on to just dump all our photos from our camera over easily, etc.

I am meeting this week with doctors on my back, etc, so hopefully we will have an update as to when we will be back to SLC, probably end of this year for at least a month. Will keep you posted.

Other than that work is busy, Andria is getting really good at cooking, I am looking at next posts and jobs, and trying to enjoy denmark. We took a drive up the coast today and it was stunning, what is just a 45 minute drive from our house. We went to the northern tip of our island, and found a place that reminds me alot of california coast line. Although not summer its still pretty mild, walked around the beach for a while. We didnt have much of a summer here this year. There is so much to see and do here, I really hope I can start getting freed up from work and things and make some time to see it all.

How are things in SLC? I eventually want to get back there permanently, so I am looking for job opportunities, but its difficult being over here and not there, so if anyone has any contacts or hears anything can you send it my way?

My Halo 3 will be here any day now I hope...I need to start using this 360 more to justify it, I really only play Halo anymore. All you SIX BOBS better get this game soon or I will beat you, I will fly down from here personally, jet lag or no, and track you down! The nice thing is that with Halo 3 you can record all your games you play easily and put them on your computer. I wont have to use vegas movie studio anymore to make the Six Bobs movies, and more than that, all you bobs can record the same games and if you send me your clips I can put them in and get your perspectives, etc.

Well it was good writing again...if I am going to email you I might as well just do it like this on the blog anyway. Hope this finds you all well. We miss you all alot!